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Carmen Electra Mourns Mentor Prince’s Passing: ‘He Was Like God!’

Carmen Electra Mourns Mentor Prince’s Passing: ‘He Was Like God!’

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Carmen Electra Mourns Mentor Prince’s Passing: ‘He Was Like God!’

Carmen Electra, the former “Baywatch”Babe and “Playboy” model, is alao notably Prince’s former flame. She is currently in a state of shock at the passing away of Prince on April 21.

She is all praises for the iconic singer. The death was certainly unexpected as Prince never let his loved ones and friends feel the gravity of the physical condition he was in. The actress could only say he was like God.

Carmen told Hollywood Life how much she was shattered by the sudden loss. Prince was her mentor, she said. Along with his death, the world has lost a musical genius and an incredible spirit. She also added it had been a blessing to work closely with him.

Carmen lamented his loss saying because not only has he given her name, he also inspired generations. Carmen claimed she would always go on loving him. For Carmen, Prince always talked about Life and never about Death. He was always so excited about music.

The star who used to formerly date Prince credits him with helping her shape her career. It was Prince who had plucked out of the thousands of ladies to set her out on a dream career, reports The Sun.

“I feel so sad and confused right now,” shared Carmen, 44. She also said she felt utterly lost. The whole world is saddened and stunned. The music icon, Prince 57 was found dead in the elevator at his studio in Minnesota on Thursday, US Time.

When Prince had met her at an auditioning for an all girl group, he felt they were destined for greater things. At an Oprah Winfrey Interview, Carmen was heard saying “I received a call from Prince saying, ‘I think you should be your own artist and not back up anyone else, ” as per The Sun. “‘I’m going to write you a song and if you like it, you can record it.'” The name of the song was ‘Carmen on Top.’ My name is Tara, so I was confused. I loved the song. I loved it, but he said, ‘You’re not a Tara. You’re not Tara. You’re Carmen.'”

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