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Some Revealing Facts About The New “Spectre” Trailer From Beginning To End

Some Revealing Facts About The New “Spectre” Trailer From Beginning To End
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Some Revealing Facts About The New “Spectre” Trailer From Beginning To End

“Spectre,” the new Bond thriller, will be hitting theaters in November this year, but you can feast your eyes on the new “Spectre” trailer now.

It is not just a 007 movie; it is also a tribute to classic Bond movies.

Let us get into some fascinating moments which are truly amazing Bond-style. You may or may not have caught the meaning they carry.

The Beginning: In the beginning of the “Spectre” trailer, M of Bond’s mission says, “You had no authority, none,” which suggest there is something wrong with our hero. He may have gone rogue, too. We also see Bond blowing up a building, perhaps killing someone in the process.

Middle: As Moneypenny says that Bond is finished, he responds by saying he has just started. The teaser also shows you a glimpse of the Aston Martin DB10 and the sequence explains that the car can do 0 to 60 in just 3.2 seconds. Bond asking Q to make him disappear suggests that there is something wrong with M16 and he is on the mission by himself. The carnage caused by Spectre is massive and Mr. White watches it on multiple screens.

The End: The second half of the trailer shows Bond in a snowy backdrop. Madeleine Swann, played by Léa Seydoux, probably holds the key to untangling the web of Spectre. She asks Bond why she should trust him, but it can be understood that she understands him more than any. You get to see the DB10 in action, the turbo boost of the car, chopper action, villainous computer screens and a pair of assassins. The end of the new Spectre trailer also gives hints that Denbigh may be a double agent working for the bad guy.

The trailer will keep you guessing. Why is Bond alone on the mission? How does Madeleine Swann meet Bond? How will the web of Spectre be untangled? The list continues.

The biggest attack that the franchise faced was a Spectre script leak during the Sony data hacking attack. It was said that the script of the movie was leaked and major details went out.

To find out what’s in store, you will have to wait for the movie which will be released in the UK on October 23 and all over the world in November.

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