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Some Los Angeles Residents Report Facebook Outage to 911

Some Los Angeles Residents Report Facebook Outage to 911


Some Los Angeles Residents Report Facebook Outage to 911

Some Los Angeles Residents Report Facebook Outage to 911When you get into an emergency situation, you know what to do: dial 911 and seek for immediate help. Rescuers and experts will immediately come to provide assistance during freak accidents or odd situations that can be helped.

However, last Friday (August 1), some residents in Los Angeles in California actually called 911 to report the outage of Facebook. That was odd, if authorities would be asked. And everyone will surely and logically know that it is not appropriate.

Facebook outage

Facebook was down for a brief moment during that day. According to reports, the social media experienced a widespread outage, which affected not just US residents but also other users in many other countries. But it lasted just a few minutes. After a while, the service was fully restored.

A little later, the cause of the brief outage was determined. It was blamed after a technical feature, which happen normally every once in a while. This is not the first time that the Website was down for a few minutes. And there is no reason to worry about suspicious activities or problems.

Call in distress

If you experienced or noticed the down time, how did you react to it? Some Los Angeles residents might have found that occurrence to be worthy for a 911 call. Respondents to such calls actually confirmed that they received such telephone messages that report the Facebook downtime.

Thus, Sgt. Burton Brink of the public information office of the Los Angeles County Sheriff in the Crescenta Valley Station posted a few tweets to appeal to the public. He reiterated that it is not right for anyone to use the 911 lines for such petty cries of help.

In his tweets, Sgt. Brink explained that they have no idea when Facebook would be up if it goes down because it is a private business. He also revealed that the call in 911 for such distress did not come from just a single individual. A number of Facebook users actually called the emergency number for that matter on Friday. He has this message to those callers: “Don’t do that again.”

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