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Some Facebook Users Start the Week with a Glitch

Some Facebook Users Start the Week with a Glitch


Some Facebook Users Start the Week with a Glitch

Some Facebook Users Start the Week with a GlitchIt was a different way for several Facebook users to start the week. The social networking site had a glitch on Monday morning (Eastern Time). A number of its account members experienced inability to post their status updates. Some of them were not able to publish comments on their friends’ recent posts.

The Website obviously suffered a technical glitch. Hence, some users were blocked from performing specific tasks online, specifically posting new content. Fortunately, they did not experience inactivity of the ‘Like’ button. Existing posts could also be accessed.

The problem was characterized by the appearance of a pop-up notification when users attempt to make a post. A dialog box appears to ask users to try posting in a few more minutes as the online site updates statuses. Before noon, the problem appeared to have been fixed.

The problems

In a statement, Facebook said it experienced an issue while it was performing usual network maintenance that time. But the company assured that it has resolved that problem quickly. By now, there appears to be no problem and the Website is fully operational once again. The social network apologized to its users for any inconvenience the service disruption must have caused.

As usual, while others were experiencing problems with their Facebook accounts, some were busy ventilating on other platforms like Twitter. That was why many of them tweeted about the issue. Those users obviously tried to use the micro blogging site to find out if other users experience the same problem. They also urged the company to immediately address the glitch.

Moreover, hashtag #facebookdown became a trending topic specifically in cities that included New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. It seemed that Twitter got busier when many of Facebook users were not able to access their accounts, which occurred for just about two months.

Past glitch

Just last August, some users complained about their inability to access their developer and apps accounts. At the same time, malicious spam apps made a sweep on many users. The engineering team of the company just said it followed protocol, which was to disable access to malicious patterns. Unfortunately, in that instance, the pattern matched several high-quality applications.

The stir created by a few hours of glitch on Twitter could be another indication of how the Website has become really important to users. But Facebook assured its users that the problem was still nothing to worry about.

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