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Sofia Vergara Hints At DCEU Role, Confirms Deathstroke In Ben Affleck Movie

Sofia Vergara Hints At DCEU Role, Confirms Deathstroke In Ben Affleck Movie
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Sofia Vergara Hints At DCEU Role, Confirms Deathstroke In Ben Affleck Movie

On Thursday, Sofia Vergara confirmed that her husband will be playing Deathstroke in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. Later, Joe Manganiello himself also confirmed his DCEU villain role through a tweet. But that’s not all.

When Ben Affleck released a Deathstroke clip, rumors spread after Joe Manganiello started following Affleck, Geoff Johns, and Zack Snyder on Twitter. However, most fans failed to track Sofia Vergara’s Twitter as well.

The actress has been following Affleck as well. Furthermore, DC Comics COO and President Geoff Johns is also following her.

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There have been early speculations saying the untitled Batman movie would star Catwoman, Batgirl and other Arkham heroes and villains. While rumors remain unconfirmed, Ryan Potter recently tweeted Ben Affleck asking for a role as Tim Drake/Robin in the film.

It is possible that Sofia Vergara has a role in the untitled Batman film, or in any other DCEU movie. Furthermore, the actress could also play alongside Joe Manganiello. Earlier in 2011, Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively starred in Green Lantern.

The speculation currently shared on Reddit, 4Chan, and other social media platform are from baseless anonymous users. However, fans were under presumption that Affleck is still writing the script for his Bat movie; but it looks like DCEU has already begun casting.

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Based on recent rumors, the untitled Batman film is set to release in 2018. Furthermore, the movie’s plot is claimed to be set in Arkham Asylum, with various A and B class villains/thugs. For now, fans can check out Vergara’s recent tweet about Deathstroke below.

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