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Sofia Vergara Gushes About Dream Wedding In ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Sofia Vergara Gushes About Dream Wedding In ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’
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Sofia Vergara Gushes About Dream Wedding In ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello recently got hitched in Miami, Florida last month. When Vergara guested at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” she gushed about how her wedding was the perfect event that she ever hoped it would be… despite the fact that the host of the show failed to show up! Ayayay, Ellen!

As reported by US Magazine, the “Modern Family” actress, Sofia Vergara, exchanged “I do’s” with now husband, “Magic Mike XXL” actor Joe Manganiello, in Miami, Florida last November 22, 2015. Shortly after their wedding reception ended, the couple escaped for a romantic honeymoon at the private Parrot Cay Resort in Turks and Caicos. By the time Vergara got back from the trip, she appeared as a celebrity guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

As was reported by Daily Mail, the newly married couple invited the show’s host to partake in their Florida wedding but she was a ‘no show’. Because of her absence, DeGeneres got a taste of the actress’s Latino flare when Vergara called her out for missing her big wedding.

Vergara stated, “Why didn’t you make a little more effort to go it’s not like they not holding the production for you for one day.” The host then responded, “‘They can’t hold the… I have to do a show every single day! If you would have had it in town, but you had it in Florida.” Additionally, Vergara stated that she would still give the host a gift bag from the wedding but changed her mind and decided to give it to someone else since DeGeneres failed to show up. Awwwkward.

The host then changed the topic and asked Vergara how the wedding turn about when she said, “‘I saw some pictures it looked beautiful. It was big there were like 400 people there.” Nice recovery! The actress then responded, “Yes. It was my family and closest friends,” to which DeGeneres responded, “That’s a big family.”

Furthermore, Vergara revealed why her wedding was the fairytale that she envisioned it to be, greatly because of her son, Manolo. She stated during the interview, “Ah, my son, Manolo, was very excited to give me away.’ She added, “It was like a dream like a fairy tale. Like it came out perfectly like how I wanted. I have to say, the people that work helping me do the wedding, amazing!”

“Modern Family” actress Sofia Vergara and “Magic Mike XXL” actor Joe Manganiello had a romantic journey that comprised of Manganiello flying across states just to win the heart of his recent wife before. By Christmas Eve of 2014, Manganiello got down on one knee, spoke in the actress’ native tongue and asked her to marry him. Finally, the couple have made it official when they exchanged their “I do’s” during a fairytale wedding last month. Congratulations, you two!

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