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Snowstorm Update: Heavy Snow Expected This Week For Montreal

Snowstorm Update: Heavy Snow Expected This Week For Montreal


Snowstorm Update: Heavy Snow Expected This Week For Montreal

Snowstorm update: Heavy snowfall is expected this week for Montreal, making it the snowiest week of the year.

Heavy snowfall is expected this week for Montreal, making it the snowiest week of the year, Environment Canada Marie-Eve Giguere said.

Snowfall and winds with speeds up to 50 miles per hour are forecast for Montreal on Monday night. The temperature could drop to as low as -16 degrees Celsius. Montreal is expected to receive 15 to 20 centimeters of snowfall by Wednesday morning. Strong winds on Wednesday could cause blowing snow, as a result of which, morning traffic could face difficulties.

AccuWeather reports that the heaviest snow will fall around 30 miles either side of a line from near Listowel, Ontario, to Barrie and then northwest of Ottawa and Quebec City. The storm over the Midwest has changed track by around 80 to 100 miles farther north. It is also expected to be stronger. As a result, the axis of the heaviest snow has been shifted farther to north/west across Ontario and Quebec.

The extremely icy conditions in Montreal caused as many as 1000 workers to be deployed to spread salt and abrasives on streets and sidewalks to make them safe for traffic and pedestrians. City Spokesman Jacques-Alain Lavallée said there could be additional pedestrian traffic on streets and sidewalks as a result of Monday’s rain.

Other weather warnings currently in effect can be viewed here.

Dr. Frederic Dankoff, the MUHC medical coordinator, explained a few symptoms and signs one should look out for in extremely snowy conditions. “If you look at your wrist and ankle and not only does it not hurt, but it’s deformed, you should definitely visit an ER. If the limb or fractured area is starting to feel cold or you feel numb, you should go immediately. Those are some of the more dangerous situations. If you bumped your head and you are getting a headache and starting to vomit, you definitely need to go to an ER,” he said.

According to CBC, Urgences Santé, which coordinates 911 and emergency response services in Montreal, said they received more calls reporting injuries than usual. “We’ve been receiving many calls since early this morning — about 100 more calls than is usual, mostly for falls, for minor injuries like contusions but also for fractures,” said spokesman Benoit Garneau.

Several schools have been closed as a result of the severe weather. You can view the listings of which schools will remain closed when here.

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