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Snook ISD Video: Mom Jessica Boson Speaks Out!

Snook ISD Video: Mom Jessica Boson Speaks Out!
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Snook ISD Video: Mom Jessica Boson Speaks Out!

The mother of a boy shown on a Snook ISD video being repeatedly slammed against a beanbag by a grown up man has finally spoken up.

In an interview with Channel 25, the mother of the boy, Jessica Boson, related that her son didn’t tell her about the incident right away because he felt he did something to deserve that kind of treatment.

Boson said that she no longer trusted anybody at Snook ISD, as she stressed that what was done to her son was totally inappropriate.

She has since withdrawn her son from the Snook ISD, saying she would transfer her son to a school in Killen.

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In the highly-controversial Snook ISD video, behavioral specialist Troy Vann is seen lifting Boson’s son from the right arm and shoving him to a beanbag on the floor several times, according to KXVV.

In the video, one could hear Vann telling the child, “When I tell you to do something, you do it boy!”

The video, which was posted last Thursday, has now gone viral with 200,000 views and 7,000 share

In its official Facebook page, Snook ISD lauded its principal for obtaining and preserving the video which was taken from the school’s CCTV camera, as well as from a student’s mobile device.

According to the Burleson Country Sherrif’s Office, an investigation on the matter is now being carried out, as it admitted that it only learned about the incident via social media.

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In the meantime, the Mirror reported that Vann has been taken off from active duty pending the investigation being conducted by school officials.

The video was taken at Snook ISD Elementary School, Austin, Texas.

In her latest post on Facebook, Jessica Boson appeared annoyed as she pointed out if “everyone can just shut up about the situation.”

“Let it be know [sic] since everyone got they own profective [sic] of what happened,” she posted “My son was not sent to the office.”

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Snook ISD video

Stacey LeeAnn Gutierrez Facebook

Snook ISD Video

Stacey LeeAnn Gutierrez Facebook

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