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Sniper Kills ISIS: One Bullet Kills 4 Hooligans

Sniper Kills ISIS: One Bullet Kills 4 Hooligans
İslam Devleti bayrağı ile bir örgüt üyesi. VOA / Wkimedia Commons Public Domain


Sniper Kills ISIS: One Bullet Kills 4 Hooligans

A shot from a sniper has killed a jihadi killer, one of the most dreaded ISIS terrorists in Syria. The shot fired from the sniper rifle hit the terrorist from a range of 1,500m. The bullet then hit a flame-thrower’s fuel tank, causing an explosion that killed three others.

ISIS News: Sniper Kills Four Thugs

According to the Daily Star, the bullet was a high-velocity tracer round that made the fuel tank explode immediately. The publication stated that U.S. and British special forces troops have been executing “high-value” Islamic State targets for weeks.

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The most feared terrorist in Syria was spotted after a Syrian CIA agent informed special forces about the murderer’s whereabouts.

It was reported that the blast not only killed the jihadi killer, but also three other thugs, who were there to film an “execution.” The incident took place in a small village close to Raqqa, northern Syria. The dreaded terrorist who was killed took pleasure burning prisoners to death. He had been on the British and U.S. special forces kill lists for months.

It was reported that the terrorist had been traveling with his gang in Islamic State-held territories, killing civilians they claimed were enemy agents.

ISIS News: Airstrike Destroys Islamic State Oil Trucks

According to Iraqi News, the Joint Task Force declared that the international coalition air force has been bombing Islamic State headquarters and hideouts in Syria and Iraq. The Joint Task Force also said that during recent raids, more than 55 oil trucks belonging to the Islamic State in Syria have been destroyed.

In a statement released by the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF), 24 airstrikes were conducted against the jihadi faction in Iraq and Syria in the last 24 hours.

“Fourteen airstrikes across the ISIS-held areas in Syria destroyed dozens of ISIS tactical units, heavy machine guns, cache of weapons, supply routes and anti-aircraft artillery systems,” the statement reads.

“55 tanker trucks delivering oil to ISIS were destroyed on Sunday.”

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