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Snapchat Reportedly Prepares News and Video Clips Service

Snapchat Reportedly Prepares News and Video Clips Service


Snapchat Reportedly Prepares News and Video Clips Service

Snapchat Reportedly Prepares News and Video Clips ServiceSnapchat continues to prove its value to its users and investors. The messaging app is reportedly set to launch a new service that would feature news articles, video clips, and even paid advertisements. Those new content would be integrated into its regular services, according to well-placed sources.

The new service is expected to roll out in November. Sources added that upon its launch, it would be called Snapchat Discovery, obviously pertaining to content that would wait to be discovered by users who are browsing through the app.

The new feature would enable users to read news articles from various sources and at the same time watch video clips taken from movies and TV shows. Those would be accessed just like how messages or snaps are viewed—through holding down a finger on the device’s screen.

Series of new features

Snapchat has reportedly held discussions with a number of content providers for the supposed new service. Among those are newspapers, magazines, and TV networks. Sources said the negotiations are almost done deals. The names of those media and content entities are expected to be revealed as the launch date nears.

It should be noted that Snapchat has already been rolling out many new features to get attention and retain users. Last May, it added video and text chats. Just recently, it launched ‘Our Story,’ another new feature that facilitates collaboration between several users in a single or central narrative.

Inclusion of ads

Surely, Snapchat Discovery is something that will further draw interest into the messaging app, which has been struggling amid the intense competition from other innovative rival apps. However, if there is one downside, it would have to be the inclusion of ads into the service.

Analysts think this is a strategy not just to bolster services and interest but also to boost Snapchat’s revenue potential. While users may not really welcome the presence of more ads, it may mean so much to the app’s investors.

To date, several brands are already using Snapchat to reach out to targeted consumers. GrubHub and Taco Bell are among the first advertisers that are currently offering great deals to the app’s users. Snapchat Discovery would formalize the existence of paid promotions to be displayed within the messaging app.

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