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Snapchat Chat 2.0 Is A Major Update You Shouldn’t Miss!

Snapchat Chat 2.0 Is A Major Update You Shouldn’t Miss!
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Snapchat Chat 2.0 Is A Major Update You Shouldn’t Miss!

Tech companies have been updating their products and services constantly. More often than not, these releases are the companies’ way to catch up with competitors and maintain their standing in the tech industry. One such release is a Snapchat update to its app called Chat 2.0.

The new update, which was released this Tuesday, includes many multimedia options. Tech Times reports that the new feature now includes the ability to send stickers, leave audio and video notes and upload media from the user’s camera roll. According to Snapchat, the goal of its chat feature is to “emulate the best parts of face-to-face conversation.”

Previously, users are able to see when their friend is typing so they know to look out for a message. After the company has learned how users talk, it has decided to give the function an upgrade by adding more capabilities to turn it into a tool users will love to use.

Meanwhile, Fortune reports that the messaging app already has a basic version of video calling integrated into its chat feature. The said feature has been with the app since its debut on May 2014. But now, with the big update, it is beginning to look similar to other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.

Digital Trends explains that the new Chat 2.0 version continues Snapchat’s tradition of being the “best way to communicate – second only to hanging out face-to-face.” While its version 1.0 is about letting the user know his friend is listening, 2.0 takes it up a notch by offering more ways to communicate.

Now users can swipe right on a friend to open a chat and press the video icon. This allows the user to send a video call. The Video notes option allows users to record a video with audio that can last up to 10 seconds, audio that can loop like a GIF. The receiver is given the option to ignore, join or watch the said video. The phone icon also allows the user to send a voice note or make an audio call.

Meanwhile, if the user is not in the mood to talk or be seen, he can tap the smiley icon and select a sticker from a selection of 200 options and send that instead to a friend. Additionally, it is said that the coolest part of the upgrade is the app’s new ability to be flexible. The user can now switch from a video call to an audio call.

Heavy also adds that Snapchat also introduced a feature called “Auto-Advance Stories.” The user can just swipe to skip ahead or pull down to exit. The feature also starts a new story automatically after a user finishes one.

The feature is similar to Facebook News Feed’s auto-play videos, adds Forbes. It should help the messaging app boost the amount of time its users spend on the app as well as increase overall views. According to Snapchat, the feature that helps users to alternate among listening, watching, texting or speaking are all about imitating human interactions.

Additionally, Snapchat also launched a new privacy center, explaining it doesn’t stockpile a user’s private communication and doesn’t show the user’s friends an ongoing history of everything they have posted.

The messaging platform also said it believes that “this approach makes Snapchat feel less like a permanent record, and more like a conversation with friends.” It also said that although it constantly evolves and adds new features from time to time, its privacy principles remain unchanged.

“On Snapchat, you choose when and how to express yourself and to whom.”

This means that the user’s snaps are still saved only temporarily when submitted to Live Stories, and then everything else is deleted. The establishment of the new privacy center comes after it has publicly declared on its blog post earlier this month that it is “standing with Apple” on its encryption fight, which prompted tech companies to ensure their users are protected.

The new Chat 2.0 is available for both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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