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Smart Keyboard For iPad Pro Most-Wanted Accessory After Apple Pencil?

Smart Keyboard For iPad Pro Most-Wanted Accessory After Apple Pencil?


Smart Keyboard For iPad Pro Most-Wanted Accessory After Apple Pencil?

The iPad Pro is a 12.9-inch tablet that requires accessories like the Smart Keyboard for ease of use. After the keyboard’s announcement, there is still a gap between supply and demand.

This keyboard for the iPad Pro is not just lightweight, but is also foldable. For durability’s sake, laser ablated custom-woven fabric has been used for the top layer. What makes the Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro special? Hear it from Apple:

“To make a device as thin and durable as the Smart Keyboard, we couldn’t rely on traditional wires or components. By etching a paper-thin sheet of nylon with metal, we created a unique conductive material that allows for a two-way flow of power and data. So you don’t charge the Smart Keyboard. Attach it to iPad Pro and start typing. And just as important, the conductive material is durable enough to withstand a lifetime of folding and unfolding.”

The keyboard does not require plugs, switches or pairings. The iPad Pro and the keyboard are connected through a smart connector on the connecting edge on the side of the iPad as well as the keyboard. Technically speaking, the keyboard looks like an accessory that will impress users.

As per a report published on ZDNet, Apple has started shipping the Smart Keyboard to users. If news is true, you will not have to wait longer to get your hands on the keyboard. But once you get the accessory, make sure you use it carefully. Another report published on Ars Technica says that the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro is irreparable. As per the story, iFixit has tried a product teardown on the keyboard and the Apple Pencil, and has given zero out of ten to accessories on the repairability scale. Though a bad news, the teardown sheds light on something we can consider good news. The test has proven that Apple used actual fabric strips instead of thin cables to build the keyboard. This makes it a long-lasting accessory, as there is no danger of breaking cables while folding and unfolding the keyboard. You can also conveniently travel with the Smart Keyboard without constantly worrying about damaging it.

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