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Slow iOS 8 Adoption Rate By Apple Users

Slow iOS 8 Adoption Rate By Apple Users


Slow iOS 8 Adoption Rate By Apple Users

Slow iOS 8 Adoption Rate By Apple UsersThe new iPhones are, without a doubt, smashing hits for Apple and it seems that everybody wants one, even non-Apple users. The numbers are slowly trickling in and it appears that the new iDevices has already made a lot new converts from the Android horde thanks to the bigger screen real estate of Apple’s premier handsets.

But why is it that other old-time Apple users are reluctant to update their supported devices (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S & 5C, iPad Airs and iPad Minis) to Apple’s latest mobile operating system?

On Monday, Apple announced the record-breaking sales figures made by their new iPhones but did not mention anything about how fast people are updating to the latest iteration of their mobile OS. This is a bit strange for Apple because the company is known for showing off figures and “forgetting” to say anything about something as important as this seems fishy.

Too Much Space Needed

The first and foremost reason cited by Apple users is that the update requires too much space (ranging from 4.7 GB to 5.9 GB). If a user have had an iDevice for a while now, it will surely be full of apps, videos, music, and data and to be able to update to the latest iOS 8, the user will either have to back up everything using a laptop or a pc (faster way) or the iCloud (slower way) which would take several hours; or sacrifice everything and do a clean update via iTunes which would delete everything on the device and then do a restore using the backup. Just to be fair, the space needed when updating the device is just temporarily and the user will be able to use the space again once iOS 8 is installed but still, the process could be painstakingly slow and would obviously require the user’s time and attention while doing it.

Wait and See

This one is not uncommon – users sometimes wait for other users to update their devices and see how the new iOS pans out. There are a lot of forums out there and users want to find out first if the update will be worth time and effort as these forums deal with bugs and other complaints that early adopters posts to the community. On the other hand, some users would want to know how great the new iOS 8 is when installed on which devices thus saving them the hassle of going through updating problems which may occasionally crop up during the process.

This time, the final decision is with the user: to update or not to update – that is the question.

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