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Sleep With 35 Sharks For A Night, No Selfies Allowed – Airbnb

Sleep With 35 Sharks For A Night, No Selfies Allowed – Airbnb
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Sleep With 35 Sharks For A Night, No Selfies Allowed – Airbnb

A lot of people have long thought about swimming with sharks. But how about spending the night with them? Today, Airbnb is giving you the opportunity to have this once in a lifetime experience. The best part? The accommodation sleeps two.

Sure, the idea of sleeping in a shark tank may sound silly. But Airbnb is not at all kidding. They’re happily giving everyone the chance to stay in a Shark Aquarium for the night with a comfy accommodation for two. The catch? The bedroom is housed inside a shark tank so that while you lie down and try to get some rest, you can see 35 sharks swim around you through a 360 degree transparent wall.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay anything to be able to stay in this grand shark aquarium located at the Aquarium de Paris in France, right in front of the Eiffel Tower. After all, Airbnb is happy to host this spectacular shark sleepover for the lucky winner. In fact, the large cylindrical bed for the overnight stay is ready to tuck you in for the night.

Upon the arrival of the winner and the winner’s plus one, they will be shown to their bedroom during check-in. Afterwards, they will be joined by their host, free diver Fred Buyle. He also happens to be an underwater photographer and a shark lover. Once the guests are settled in, Mr. Buyle shall give them a guided tour of the aquarium and provide them with an “exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of sharks” with the help of a marine biologist. As for meals, breakfast will be served the next day.

To enter the contest and win a shark sleepover, simply go to the Night At the Shark Aquarium listing page and click on the “Enter to win” button. Then, provide a short entry about yourself and “why you belong with the sharks for a night.”

Aside from the tour, Shark Aquarium accommodation and breakfast, the winner and the winner’s guest will also be provided with round tip tickets to Paris as well as a private dinner for two at the Aquarium de Paris. Moreover, they can choose to stay in the L’Aquarium de Paris between April 11 to 13 only.

As for the house rules, Airbnb says guests will not be allowed to take selfies as sharks are sensitive to light. Moreover, guests are also expected to keep their hands and feet in the bedroom at all times.

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