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Skype For TV App Silently Killed By Microsoft (Because Users Prefer To Use Phones)

Skype For TV App Silently Killed By Microsoft (Because Users Prefer To Use Phones)
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Skype For TV App Silently Killed By Microsoft (Because Users Prefer To Use Phones)

Times are tough, technologies and apps come and go. One established company has felt the harsh reality as we find out that Skype had just gave way to its other competitors, well in terms of TV app that is, as it quietly killed its Skype for TV software.

The Microsoft owned messaging platform explains that the move reflects the public preference, which is leaning in favor of using smartphones, when making calls from the living room, even if generally, the television has more advantage in terms of size, reports BBC.

The confirmation of the move was posted on the chat platform’s support site, which goes on stating that through the past years, consumers have changed their way of using Skype. Majority of which, prefers “accessing it from a mobile device – including when in the living room.”

Because of this, the company wants to make sure that they prioritize on “delivering the best possible experience to the platforms our users are asking for, which is why we’ve decided to focus our efforts in other areas while supporting key functionality on Skype for TV for as long as possible.”

Skype originally became available for smart TVs in 2010. Some TV units were even preloaded with its app, counting Samsung and LG among others. For some TV brands like Sony, Panasonic and Sharp, their users can download and install it on their units, reports Tech Crunch.

Users of the Microsoft’s Skype For TV App need not worry as the Windows owned service will continue to support the said app until June of this year. After that, users will have to turn to manufacturers for answers, whether the app will be retained on TV sets or not. However, even if it will be retained, the app, in the long run, might become more unreliable as time passes by leaving the user unsatisfied in the end.

Additionally, a Skype spokesperson has told Venture Beat that “Skype has partnered with TV manufacturers to create a bespoke Skype on TV app, which the manufacturers made available only from their Smart TV app store. Skype on TV is not available to download from the Skype website. Because of this, “all Skype on TV consumers are managed and notified by the TV partners themselves.”

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