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Skype IP Address Will Now Be Hidden By Default

Skype IP Address Will Now Be Hidden By Default
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Skype IP Address Will Now Be Hidden By Default

Good news for gamers. Your Skype IP address will now be hidden by default with the latest update. This is applicable for mobile as well as desktops.

If you are a gamer, you must be well aware of how the accessibility of your Skype IP address puts you into trouble at times, especially when people start taking gaming wars too seriously. To protect you and your system from people, Skype has decided to hide your IP address.

Why is this necessary? The accessibility of your Skype IP address makes it easier for hackers to invade your privacy and gain access to your sensitive data. Though an option was available to hide your Skype IP address, the messenger has now decided to make it a default setting. This new change is applicable for Skype mobile as well as the desktop app. For a more secure Skype, you need to update the app.

The Skype IP address update was announced by the company via its blog. In the post, Skype wrote, “Skype is fully committed to delivering as safe and secure of an experience as possible to our customers. We have recently introduced the ability to hide a Skype user’s IP address and we’ve set this as a default status in the latest versions of Skype.” In the post, the company further added, “You can find this update in the latest versions of Skype on desktop and mobile devices, which you can download here. We also recommend you update Skype across your devices to ensure you benefit from the best experience possible.”

Skype knows that the number of gamers is increasing with each passing day. With gaming consoles becoming more social, making Skype an integral part of the gaming industry for enhanced social experience, it is necessary for Skype to work on loopholes, if there are any. We can say that this is just the beginning.

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