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Skulpt Reveals Fitness Gadget That Measures ‘Quality’ Of Muscles

Skulpt Reveals Fitness Gadget That Measures ‘Quality’ Of Muscles


Skulpt Reveals Fitness Gadget That Measures ‘Quality’ Of Muscles

They say that that tracking your fitness progress is the key in the overall workout or diet plan following. Bathroom scales, measuring tapes and weight machines might not be that much nifty in telling you the actual scale of progress you have made. If you are eating healthy and working out mercilessly, your weight might stay the same amid the gain of the muscle and fat shedding. Here is good news: There is an amazing Bluetooth gadget in the town that lets you measure the weight and ‘quality’ of your muscle. The smart recommender will not only tell you the length and depth of your muscle, it will also wire you about the quality of your triceps, biceps and other muscles just like a skillful personal trainer.

After a baffling startup fundraising and crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo which got $290,000, the Startup Skulpt has introduced an amazing gadget called ‘Aim’ which tracks your body mass ratio, fitness level, muscle mass and many other attributes that can help track your fitness level and workout progress in an alluring and easy way.

Aim has the size of an iPhone and you can just put it close to your skin at the muscles like triceps, biceps, abs and other key areas. Aim will send the waves in your body and save the fitness data in an online, responsive dashboard where you can view the information like muscle strength, sugar level, muscle mass, weight, body-fat percentage and many other factors important in measuring the body fitness levels. What Aim does is that it actually sends over current flows in your body through the skin and synchs the data in the online dashboard which is connected through Bluetooth with the gadget.

Skulpt says that it has plans to produce a mobile app in the feature that will act as a companion app for the fitness gadget. Aim asks for a price lax of $149 and will start shipping in May this year. CEO of Skulpt is much anticipated to roll out this creative gadget and touts that it will sweep of the existing and monotonous fitness gadgets.

“People often start gaining weight when they start exercising; many get disappointed and leave work out resulting in an exponential fat gain. What they don’t understand is that they
are losing fat and gaining muscle mass which is a healthy thing,” explained Jose Bohorquez, the CEO of Skulpt.

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