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Six-Year-Old Boy Saves Man’s Life At Parking Lot

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Six-Year-Old Boy Saves Man’s Life At Parking Lot

Kids are typically active and alert. But in the case of six-year-old Karter Thorpe, he was alert enough to sense that something was not right at a parking lot.

Karter was seated in the backseat of a car as his grandmother, Carolyn Cook, drove through the Lowe’s parking lot in Franklin, Virginia. Cook had just picked Karter up from school and had made a wrong turn. This is how she and her grandson ended up passing through the area. As they did, he saw something disturbing. There was a man lying on the ground, looking very much lifeless. Suddenly, the man started to twitch.

Karter kept asking his grandmother to turn back.

Karter was immediately alarmed and tried to tell his grandmother about it. However, she kept driving, knowing full well that children tend to have a very active imagination. Nonetheless, Karter continued insisting that something was wrong. “No, you have to stop! He’s hurt, he’s hurt. You have to go back!” the little boy screamed.

That’s when Cook decided to make a U-turn. “She turned around to show me I was wrong,” Thorpe explained, according to a report from CBS News. As soon as Cook made a U-turn, she came to realize that her grandchild was right all along. There was a pair of feet peeking out from behind a truck. Eventually, she saw the man lying on the ground.

“He was hurt. He could only breathe a few gasps,” Karter recalled. Cook immediately called 911 for assistance. Soon, another came to their aid and gave the man CPR. She kept going until help arrived. Later on, an ambulance came to transport the man to a nearby hospital. Cook would  later learn that the man had suffered from a heart attack.

Recalling the incident, Cook couldn’t help but feel happy that her grandson was so insistent on turning around to help the man. “[Karter] would not take no for answer, he was determined and I’m glad he was,” Cook said.

Karter is a ‘little angel.’

Meanwhile, Cook said that the police officer who responded to the call would like to take Karter out for ice cream to thank him for his help, according to a report from WAVY-TV. At the same time, the man’s family is calling Thorpe their “little angel.” The family said that if it weren’t for Karter, the man would have died.

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