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Sisters Reunited After 60 Years Of Not Knowing Each Other

Sisters Reunited After 60 Years Of Not Knowing Each Other
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Sisters Reunited After 60 Years Of Not Knowing Each Other

Two sisters, who had been living in two opposite sides of the world, met for the first time after 60 years in a heartwarming reunion.

The pair of sisters met after a search of 28 years. Lesley Fagan, 64, had a sister who was given up for adoption before she was born. Fagan had read about Chinese twins who, separated at birth, had met each other through social media; she wondered if she would be able to meet her long-lost sister.

An appeal made by Fagan through social media was picked up by genealogists Jill Harrington and Terri O’Neill. Seven days hence, the whereabouts of Fagan’s sister – Joan Crawford-Murray, living in Perth, Australia – were identified. Crawford-Murray had no idea she had a sister.

The sisters met at the Dublin airport, bursting into tears upon seeing each other. They shared a warm embrace as they met in the arrivals area.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Fagan said she was first told about her half-sister by her mother in 1989. Due to strict religious conventions, the mother had to conceal her pregnancy and, in order to prevent bringing “shame upon the family,” put the daughter into Catholic Mother and Babies home in Prestwich, Manchester.

“[My mother] stayed with her baby for six weeks, which must have been awful, knowing that she would have to give her up,” Fagan said. “When the day finally came, she had to sign some documents to authorise the adoption. At this point, the nun left the room and mum saw on the desk the name and address of the prospective parents. She never forgot this information. Mum was able to recite exactly both parent’s names and their address, which was unbelievable, after 50 years.”

Irish Mirror notes that Fagan started her search for her sister based on this information but soon found that the family had not been on the electoral roll since 1958. Years later, Fagan received news of her sister residing in Australia.

Fagan and Crawford-Murray will be staying with each other for 20 days to get to know one another.

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