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Sisters Honor Late Mother By Giving Away Kindness Blankets

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Sisters Honor Late Mother By Giving Away Kindness Blankets

Three sisters decided that the best way to honor their late mother’s memory is by making kindness blankets and giving them away for free.

Anne Marie Varney had died in March 30, 2015 at the age of 35. When she passed away, she left behind her three daughters: Angela, Christina and Mia.

According to a report from WCVB 5, Varney committed suicide after struggling with depression for years. Nonetheless, her girls still remember how loving their mother was. “Our mom was honestly like a one-in-a-million person. She was the sweetest person, ever,” Angela said. Varney’s family said she was one the kindest souls one would ever meet. And to honor her memory, they decided that the best way was to perform acts of kindness themselves.

“She wrapped everyone she met in her love and kindness,” the family said of Varney. This is what inspired them to come up with Annie’s Kindness Blankets. It is a program dedicated to making and delivering hundreds of homemade blankets to those who need them the most. These include hospital patients, homeless people or anyone else who appeal to them on Facebook.

Through the blankets, the girls are essentially able to share their mother’s warm hugs. “What Annie would have actually done would be to hug people until they felt better,” the girls’ aunt, Barbara Buckley, explained.

The girls need donations to keep kindness blanket program going.

To help keep the Annie’s Kindness Blankets program alive, Buckley also created a GoFundMe page. She said that any donation received would go towards acquiring the material to make more blankets. “We are hoping we make enough blankets to deliver during the holiday season. But, also continue after the holidays as well,” she explained on the page.

So far, Annie’s Kindness Blankets has managed to send blankets to the Ronald McDonald House in Texas. Overseas, the gifts have made their way to both Australia and Portugal.

At the same time, Varney’s daughters made a video to spread awareness on suicide and depression. They want to remind people that they would be missed if they decide to take their own life.

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