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‘The Simpsons’ Season 29 Cancelled; No More Fresh Ideas After 600 Episodes – Report

‘The Simpsons’ Season 29 Cancelled; No More Fresh Ideas After 600 Episodes – Report
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‘The Simpsons’ Season 29 Cancelled; No More Fresh Ideas After 600 Episodes – Report

Is “The Simpsons” season 29 cancelled? Are the writers of the show losing ideas after 600 episodes that ratings have suffered in the past season?

“The Simpsons” has just aired its 600th episode on Fox last Sunday, making it at par with Western series “Gunsmoke.” This milestone is also a major hint that “The Simpsons” will go on with season 29 and is not backing down in the series game after all these years.

However, a report from TV Series Finale showed that “The Simpsons” ratings for season 28 have been low.

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Compared to season 27, which has an average rating of 1.74 in the 18-49 demographic with 4.00 million total viewers, the latest season only has 1.86 with about 4.1 million viewers. These were from the past three episodes only.

Could this be a hint that “The Simpsons” season 29 may be cancelled? Could it be possible that the writers of the show has already left with little ideas to keep the show going?

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“The Simpsons” made its debut on American television on Fox in 1987. It first aired as a series of animated shorts during the airing of “The Tracey Ullman Show.”

Later on, “The Simpsons” was put into primetime by Fox in 1989.

It was also deemed controversial in 1992 when President George H.W. Bush said he will help Americans be “a lot more like the Waltons and a lot less like the Simpsons.”

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Al Jean, executive producer of “The Simpsons,” said that the criticisms it received was just due to the fact that they are a dysfunctional family.

“They were called the dysfunctional family; there were some criticisms at the beginning, but who comes from a functional family, really? I mean who comes from a family where everything is perfect and it’s like ‘Leave It to Beaver’? This doesn’t exist,” he said.

“The Simpsons” has gathered a lot of following and has been embedded in pop culture by tackling social issues, even welcoming celebrity guests stars.

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Despite some struggles with the ratings, fans are still as solid as they were when the show started—just look at the movies, collectible items, comics, and other products inspired by the show. Just recently, LEGO launched “The Simpsons House.

It seemed that we will be seeing more of “The Simpsons” in the next years as what the producers are hinting.

The producers are said to be “always looking to keep things fresh, and they’ve done shows set in the real world” even after 28 seasons and 600 episodes of “The Simpsons,” a report from 10TV said.

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