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Simple Cure for Cancer Found But Pharmaceuticals Allegedly Not Interested: More Details Here

Simple Cure for Cancer Found But Pharmaceuticals Allegedly Not Interested: More Details Here


Simple Cure for Cancer Found But Pharmaceuticals Allegedly Not Interested: More Details Here

We’ve all heard this story, a simple cure for cancer has been found but pharmaceutical companies refuse to mass produce it because it isn’t profitable or patentable. But does this story have a shred of truth in it?

Dichloroacetate, also known as DCA, is a relatively simple compound which has been the center of controversy. The compound is believed to be able to cure cancer without any side effects. Outrage began after articles claiming that big pharmaceutical companies are not interested because it is not patentable went viral on the web.

While the narrative might seem plausible if you believe corporations are greedy and heartless, the truth is far from it. Preliminary research only indicates that DCA has the potential to be a cure, which is why pharmaceutical companies are not interested.

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According to Snopes, medical researchers at the University of Alberta reported back in 2007 that the compound showed promise in treating the disease. The tests were carried out on rodent models with human testing to be carried out in the near future. One member of the research team, Dr. Evangelos Michelakis, later stated that DCA was not patented which makes potential profit margins in marketing it very slim.

Simple Cure For Cancer Still Under Testing

This simple discovery was later blown out of proportion after claims that “a simple cure for cancer” has been found but was snubbed. This alleged lack of interest has prevented it from being available to patients who need it.

This has prompted dying and desperate patients to look for the drug even from shady dealers. Many people were also hooked into the narrative that governments and big businesses condemned thousands to their deaths. Condemned them all in the name of profit.

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DCA was once again put to test in 2010 on five cancer patients using different methods. After testing, the results showed regression of the cancers in two of the subjects. This was still however, not enough to be considered conclusive evidence.

Reports as late as July 2016 note that DCA has still not lived up to the potential attributed to it all those years ago. Still, scientists believe that compound is still worth investigating as a simple cure for cancer. For the meantime however, authorities have taken down illegal sites marketing and selling it as a cure.

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