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Simone And Aly: Photos, Videos Of Win In Olympics 2016

Simone And Aly: Photos, Videos Of Win In Olympics 2016
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Simone And Aly: Photos, Videos Of Win In Olympics 2016

Olympic gymnasts Simone Biles and Aly Raisman have done it. They have put Team USA in the top spot for all-around gymnastics, having scored a 1-2 win in the said round.

For the Team USA gymnastics team, it seems that medals keep coming. Just days after Team USA scored a team gold last August 9, Simone had taken another gold the all-around gymnastics competition, with teammate Aly not far behind.

Simone And Aly Scoring For Wins

According to Rio 2016, Simone ended up scoring an impressive 62.189, gaining the overall highest scores for the beam, vault and floor. Meanwhile, she also ranked seventh in the uneven bars. Teammate Aly also achieved an impressive score of 60.098. Coming in third is Russian team’s Aliya Mustafina who got an overall score of 58.665.

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Following her win, Team USA remarked that Simone has just won the 990th Olympic gold medal for the national team. They also called Simone and Aly “flawless.” For Biles, however, the journey towards this particular gold medal was a bit rough.

Simone And Aly: The Road To Their Latest Medals

According to a report from Team USA, Simone was in second place by the time the all-around gymnastics final was already halfway. Not to be defeated easily, she put out one of her best balance beam routines yet and managed to take the lead from Mustafina. Later when she was asked how coming in second affected her psyche, Simone said, “Nothing. I just went up there and did the stuff I had to do. It didn’t really bother me.”

As for Aly, she rallied towards a great comeback during the second rotation after only scoring in fourth place. She wowed the crowd with her routine on the beam as well as her floor routine. Aly is no stranger to floor routines. After all, she had won the event back in 2012.

Following their wins, Aly said, “It was very emotional because we finally did it. We went four for four. I’m relieved that it’s over but very proud. It was so special.”

Meanwhile, when asked how she felt about her latest gold medal, Simone simply answered, “Hungry.”

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