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Signs Of Apocalypse: Solar Storm Can Lead To Blackout In 2020

Signs Of Apocalypse: Solar Storm Can Lead To Blackout In 2020
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Signs Of Apocalypse: Solar Storm Can Lead To Blackout In 2020

A huge solar storm is expected by 2020 which could wipe out modern technology. The chance is big, one in eight, and this will leave the world without internet, phone service and much more.

Modern-daay researchers have warned that there is a 12 percent chance that a solar storm will smash Earth in the end of this decade. This powerful event will be as big as the Carrington event which occurred in 1859, according to Express UK.

This storm was so powerful that the auroras could be seen in Queensland, Australia. But today the implications will be far more severe due to modern technologies.

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Solar storm can cause tech blackout

The solar storms can bring a lot of harm to the global technology. This is because the radiation pummeling our planet causes heating up of the outer atmosphere. This causes it to expand.

The satellite signals will thus struggle to penetrate the swollen atmosphere leading to a lack in internet service, satellite television, mobile signal and GPS technology.

In addition to this, an increase in current in Earth’s magnetic field will lead to a surge of electricity in power lines. This will blow out electrical transformers and power stations which will lead to temporary loss of electric power supply.

Chances of solar storm is high, according to researchers.

Peter Riley, made this prediction for the solar storm 2020. He is a senior scientist at Predictive Science in San Diego, California. He was surprised when he saw that the chances of a possible solar storm are so high.

In an October report from Daily Mail, researchers have revealed the first ever map which shows that Minnesota and Wisconsin areas in US are at the highest risk of hitting by the next solar storm.

Officials also warn that the massive solar flares could cause $2.6 trillion in damages. It can also bring an end to the modern civilization as we know.

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