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Signing Up For Word Flow For iPhone – How To Do It

Signing Up For Word Flow For iPhone – How To Do It
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Signing Up For Word Flow For iPhone – How To Do It

With the idea of supporting variable mobile platforms, Microsoft recently announced the launch of Word Flow on iOS devices. But the question is how to use the Windows phone keyboard app on your Apple device. There are a few registration and downloading formalities that a user needs to comply with.

Before signing up for the app, you can have a thorough testing of keyboard by requesting the company through an email. To help users have a proper look at the keys and their function, Microsoft hosted a 29 second video on the website, states i4U.

Being part of a Microsoft Garage Project, the Word Flow app is currently under beta testing to ensure there is no flaw with it once the app is used. Those who want to register their names for downloading the app on their iPhones should follow a few rules.

Wonder what the new iOS keyboard is capable of? It is particularly helpful for iPad and iPhone users. Devised for users, the keyboard app is rumored to feature support for word prediction technology, swipe-based typing, customized keyboard background and automatic word corrections.

The best part is that you can operate the keyword with a single hand. It has an arc-shaped design allowing both left-handed and right-handed users to use it. Because of this arc-shape design, the keyboard can be operated from both sides of the device

Since the app is undergoing testing procedures, we will have to wait before we can access it on our iPhones. According to official Microsoft website, “Our app is currently in a closed beta release, which means we want to get it just right before we open it up to everyone,” reports IBTimes.

While typing with right hands, the keys on the board will instantly jump to help you see if you are spelling each word correctly. A similar logic applies for left-handed people. In related reports, the iOS keyboard is expected to provide easy access to Google Search. This means you will have to a Google logo to get access to Google Search.

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