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Shooting In Germany: Man Shot Doctor Dead, Killed Self After

Shooting In Germany: Man Shot Doctor Dead, Killed Self After
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Shooting In Germany: Man Shot Doctor Dead, Killed Self After

Another shooting incident happened in Germany, less than a week after the horrible mass shooting in Munich.

Amid the on-going call for governments to impose stricter anti-gun law, shooting cases have been continuously making headlines, the latest of which happened inside a hospital.

According to Belfast Telegraph, the shooting incident particularly took place at the mouth, jaw and face surgery unit of the Benjamin Franklin Hospital in the south-western district of Steglitz wherein the suspect reportedly shot a doctor before killing himself.

Statement from the Berlin police reported that the medical practitioner did not die right away after he was shot, but because of the life-threatening injuries the said doctor suffered, he eventually passed away.

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While initial report suggested that there has been no sign linking it to any “terrorist background,” the police are still currently investigating to look more closely into the situation.

Meanwhile, following the mass shooting in Germany, German politicians have called for the stricter implementation of anti-gun laws, not just in the country but all over the world, USA Today reported.

In an interview with “Funke Mediengruppe” newspaper chain, German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel reportedly pointed out that the country “must continue to do all we can to limit and strictly control access to deadly weapons.”

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Despite the fact that Germany has a huge number of residents who own a firearm, the country has managed to record one of the lowest gun-related deaths. However, on Friday, a mass shooting happened leaving nine people dead and dozens others wounded.

As revealed during an investigation, the suspected perpetrator, 18-year-old Ali David Sonboly used an unregistered Glock pistol in committing the crime.

Thomas Steinkraus-Koch, of the Munich prosecutors’ office shared that the suspect to the recent shooting incident in Germany, who was born in Munich from Iranian parents, reportedly has a history of inpatient and outpatient psychiatric treatment in 2016 because of “fears of contact with others.”

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