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Shocking! Miranda Lambert Pregnant After Makeup Sex, Blake Shelton Requested ‘Protective Order’ In Court

Shocking! Miranda Lambert Pregnant After Makeup Sex, Blake Shelton Requested ‘Protective Order’ In Court
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Shocking! Miranda Lambert Pregnant After Makeup Sex, Blake Shelton Requested ‘Protective Order’ In Court

Fans have yet to process the heartbreaking divorce between Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton but shocking after shocking details continue to emerge just within two days after the divorce was finalized. A new report revealed that Lambert is pregnant and that she only knew about it after they separated. An unnamed source also revealed that Lambert admitted about cheating. The report comes as the court document about the divorce is out, and in it, Shelton had requested for “protective order.”

Miranda Lambert is pregnant

“Miranda is pregnant,” a source revealed as reported by the Hollywood Life, citing a report from In Touch. The source revealed that the couple had “many screaming matches” since early July.

“She’d just read him the riot act over his drinking and flirting, and he retaliated with claims that she’d taken all the fun out of his life and always seemed to resist talk of starting a family,” the source said. Lambert then told him off, saying she will not bear him a child “until he got his act together.”

The divorce happened and Lambert found out she is pregnant.

“She reasoned that [the pregnancy] happened during an increasingly rare night of makeup sex,” the source revealed.

Could the baby rewrite the fairy tale Lambert had always wanted? Speaking with US Weekly, Lambert’s former publicist, Kathy Best, said that she had always wanted a fairy tale love story just like that of her parents.

“Fans who know anything about Miranda knows she comes from a family who were able to stay together no matter what they went through,” Best said. She said the divorce came as a shock because Lambert had always wanted a happy family.

“Miranda believed in a marriage like her parents and knew it was possible. I know this is what she wanted and I know she wanted this with Blake,” Best said.

Miranda Lambert is having a long time affair

A report from Access Hollywood has told of a completely different version of the story. In the report, Lambert had allegedly admitted to Shelton that she was having a long-time affair with someone also in the music industry. This had become Shelton’s tipping point. Hence, he decided to end the marriage.

As sources begun spilling the beans about the couple’s breakup, In Touch is in possession of the couple’s divorce document. The court papers open a more intriguing side to the story. In the court paper, Shelton filed divorce from Lambert and he requested for protective order.

While more rumors swirl, Shelton seemed to have come out unscathed. On July 22, he tweeted that he is back filming at NBC for this season’s “The Voice.”


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