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Sherri Papini Update: Woman Who Called For Help Was Assaulted Too

Sherri Papini Update: Woman Who Called For Help Was Assaulted Too
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Sherri Papini Update: Woman Who Called For Help Was Assaulted Too

A mother of two was abducted from a Redding jogging track on Nov. 2 this year. Later on Thanksgiving Day, another woman spotted the missing Sherri Papini near a Yolo highway and reportedly called 911.

Alison Sutton, mother to a 14-year-old daughter, was driving in the Yolo countryside on Thanksgiving morning when she noticed a woman trying to flag her down.

The 911 Call

Sutton, who wasn’t familiar with the area, had been driving for 8 hours when she saw the battered woman. Not knowing who the woman was, she continued down the road until she saw a road sign that pointed to her location. She immediately called 911 and described the condition of the woman she had seen a while ago.

“You know I drove past this person who must really need help,” Sutton recalled telling the emergency operator.

“I see this blonde woman waving what looks like a brown flannel shirt up and down desperately trying to flag someone down,” NBC 5 reported Sutton as saying.

“It was obvious: She needed help,” she said, explaining that Sherri Papini “was looking panicked and frightened” when she found her.

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As reported by Yahoo News, Sutton and her daughter were en route to a Thanksgiving celebration and were driving at 70 to 80 miles per hour. She was startled to see the wounded Papini so close to the side of the road.

“I was going so fast; it was like she came out of nowhere,” Sutton told People.

It was only hours later when a Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputy called to inform her of her part in saving the woman’s life.

Sutton’s Final Statement

Sutton, who happens to be a victim of domestic violence, said she is delighted to know Papini is back with her family. Furthermore, she lamented not being able to do more for the victim.

“It’s such a miracle that she was able to get free and to be able to get back to her family,” Sutton said, “I know it’s going to make the Thanksgiving holiday more memorable for me every year because of it and I’m sure it’s going to mean all that much more for her family too.”

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