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Sherri Papini News: Abductors Were Two Females, Hispanic, And With Guns

Sherri Papini News: Abductors Were Two Females, Hispanic, And With Guns
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Sherri Papini News: Abductors Were Two Females, Hispanic, And With Guns

A woman who was abducted near Redding, California on Nov. 2 has returned to her family after three weeks of captivity. The woman identified as Sherri Papini was tortured by captors before releasing her last Thursday.

Two women abducted Papini, a 34-year-old mother, in a “dark” SUV while the victim was out jogging. As described by the victim, her captors were Hispanic and spoke in Spanish most of the time. One of them even brandished a gun.

The Investigation

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko, in a press conference on Wednesday, said Papini was “branded” by her abductors, who physically abused her repeatedly. The sheriff divulged no details on the method of kidnapping.

Investigators are yet to determine the motive behind the abduction and torture meted out on the California woman. Also, it is yet to be discerned whether the crime was targeted or a random one.

As reported by CBS News, investigators are seeking additional search warrants and delving into Papini’s past for clues.

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Papini, who is now receiving treatment for her injuries, was interviewed on Monday and Tuesday by major crime detectives. Moreover, Bosenko labeled the interviews as “very intense” in nature. He, however, said that Papini was “cooperative and courageous” despite having to relive the traumatic events.

The Suspects

The sheriff, in his statement, provided information about the suspects as described by Sherri Papini.

The younger suspect had long, curly hair; the older suspect’s hair was straight, black with gray streaks. The younger one had thin eyebrows and pierced ears; the elder had thick eyebrows. The younger suspect had a thick accent, Bosenko added.

The sheriff also said that Papini wasn’t able to provide more details about the two women due to the suspects covering their faces most of the time; during other times, they covered Sherri’s head.

Papini was found on Thanksgiving Day by a motorist she hailed about 150 miles south of where she reportedly disappeared.

As reported by The Sacramento Bee, Keith Papini, Sherri’s husband, told reports that her captors threw her from a car on a darkened Yolo County highway. Moreover, a bag covered her head. Also, her wrists were chained. She was covered with bruises and burns, and her hair was cut off.

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