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Sheborah Thomas: Mom Drowns, Buries Kids And Jokes About It (Photos, Facts)

Sheborah Thomas: Mom Drowns, Buries Kids And Jokes About It (Photos, Facts)
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Sheborah Thomas: Mom Drowns, Buries Kids And Jokes About It (Photos, Facts)

Sheborah Thomas did the unthinkable on Friday. She decided to kill two of her children by drowning them in the tub. Afterwards, she then told someone casually about it as if it were just a joke.

On August 12, the 30-year-old had gone to pick up her two children. Once they got home, she fed them and started filling up the bathtub with water. Afterwards, Thomas started committing the murders.

According to a report from Chron, Thomas first brought her youngest child, daughter Kahana. She held the five-year-old’s head underwater until she stopped struggling. Afterwards, she called her seven-year-old son Oraylyn “Ray Ray” Thomas and did the same thing. The young boy had grabbed her mother’s hand during the struggle, but he soon stopped breathing.

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Once both her children had been drowned, she laid Ray Ray’s body next to Kahana’s. Thomas later disposed her children’s remains by putting them inside a trash can behind her house in the 3000 block of Tierwester in southeast Houston.

Later on, she tried to bury them in a hole, but could not dig one that was deep enough. She ended rolling her children’s bodies under a house that belongs to her neighbor.

A day after she committed the murders, she went to an acquaintance and said that she had to leave town because she had drowned her children. At first, the acquaintance thought Thomas was joking. When she showed him where the bodies were, however, the acquaintance drove around the area until he managed to flag down an officer. When police arrived at the scene, they immediately found the bodies.

According to a report from AP, Thomas’ children were removed from her custody in 2012 when Texas child welfare officials spotted one of her children roaming the streets with an intoxicated homeless man. Back then, custody was granted to the children’s grandmother. However, they were returned to their mother the following year.

In the past, Thomas and her children had been homeless. She also has a son who is aged 12, but the young boy was with his father at the time of the murders.

Thomas also has a history of drug abuse. Moreover, she had been charged with misdemeanor in the past, along with failing to identify herself to a peace officer and misdemeanor theft.

Today, she has been charged with two counts of capital murder. If convicted, Thomas could face the death penalty.


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