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Shawn Mendes New Album iTunes Release: Preorder ‘Illuminate’ On Midnight, Get Bonus Track ‘Ruin’

Shawn Mendes New Album iTunes Release: Preorder ‘Illuminate’ On Midnight, Get Bonus Track ‘Ruin’
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Shawn Mendes New Album iTunes Release: Preorder ‘Illuminate’ On Midnight, Get Bonus Track ‘Ruin’

Shawn Mendes newest album “Illuminate” is up for preorder on iTunes. Fans cannot be more excited.

On the official Shawn Mendes Twitter page, it was announced that if fans preorder “Illuminate” by midnight, they will also get the track “Ruin.” The post quickly turned viral, making Shawn Mendes tweet all sorts of memes and reactions to the news.

To say they are excited is an understatement.

Some fans quickly posted their “preordered” screenshots as all, showing that they already got their albums. The said album is “mastered for ITunes.”

Shawn Mendes ‘Illuminate” Spotify Release

The question that begs to be asked though is if it will be released on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Seeing that his past albums were made available for streaming, there probably is no question that Shawn Mendes “Illuminate” will also have a Spotify release.

Fans who would rather wait for the official release of the album on September can head to Madison Square Garden first on September 10, 13 days before “Illuminate” officially drops.

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Shawn Mendes ‘Illuminate” Madison Square Garden Concert

His announcement of the Madison Square Garden made a lot of his fans really proud. “He’s headlining the world’s most famous arena. He’s made it,” Shawn Mendes Updates tweet read.

“#IlluminateMSG can’t wait to listen the album, will be worth the wait, sure!!” wrote a fan, while another wrote, “So excited for this. Its going to be an awesome way to kick off the album launch shortly after! #ILLUMINATEMSG”

What should fans expect from Shawn Mendes’ second album anyway? Apparently, it is one album that is inspired a lot by John Mayer. Those who love the crooner will naturally love this newest offering of the young artist.

In an interview with CP24, Shawn Mendes explained why he loves John Mayer and why he’s such an inspiration. “His (John Mayer’s) lyricism is just unreal, dude. The words me and the songwriters say are: “What would John Mayer say?” (Mayer’s) “Continuum” is the album me and my best friends listen to in car rides or whenever we’re hanging out,” he explained.

Those interested to get a ticket to “Illuminiate MSG” can download ShawnAccess app here, to get your hands on “FirstAccess” and “General Fan” presale tickets! THos who want to preorder can head to the iTunes store here.

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