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Sharper Admits Sexual Assault Charge, Faces Nine-year Prison Sentence

Sharper Admits Sexual Assault Charge, Faces Nine-year Prison Sentence
Image from Flickr by Michael


Sharper Admits Sexual Assault Charge, Faces Nine-year Prison Sentence


Image from Flickr by Michael

On Monday, former NFL player Darren Sharper has admitted to drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles, crimes that will sentence him up to nine years in federal prison.

Although he faced 33 years in California, after agreeing to the terms of a negotiated deal between his lawyers and state and federal prosecutors, he will be serving the nine-year term for crimes in Louisiana, Nevada, Arizona and California.

He appeared in a Phoenix courtroom via video conference from an L.A. courtroom.

He had assaulted a woman in Phoenix in 2013.


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According to the statement of the Orleans Parish (La.) District Attorney, Sharper had “entered into a plea agreement with respect to pending charges in Louisiana as well as the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, and the United States of America.”

Daily News reported that Sharper’s lead attorney, Blair Berk, said that with credit for time served and state guidelines, his client is expected to serve “a little less than nine years of actual custody time” for the L.A. case.

Hearings for charges of drugging and sexual assault will also be held in Las Vegas on Tuesday and New Orleans in the subsequent month.

Although the sentence seems lenient, prosecutors said the victims have agreed to the plea deal.

Civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents one of the California victims, was quoted by Daily News, “I represent Jane Doe #2 in the California case. My client is happy that Darren Sharper entered a plea and she is looking forward to providing her victim impact statement in court in July in California.”

In a statement issued on Monday, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office was reported as saying, “Sharper entered his plea just as his preliminary hearing was set to begin before Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor. He is expected to be sentenced to 20 years in state prison under the terms of a negotiated settlement. Sharper pleaded to two counts of rape by use of drugs and four counts of furnishing a controlled substance.”

According to ESPN, Sharper ended his 14-year-long career with NFL in 2011, and then went on to work as analyst for NFL network.


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