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‘Sharknado 4’ Will Go International, Says Director

‘Sharknado 4’ Will Go International, Says Director
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‘Sharknado 4’ Will Go International, Says Director

Syfy is debuting “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” on Wednesday. The third movie in the instant cult classic “Sharknado” has fans excited, but is Sharknado 4 actually possible?

Speaking to Variety, Director Anthony C. Ferrante threw hints about the feature of the horror-science fiction franchise, saying that as long as the third movie is successful, and as long as Syfy orders another installment, then the fourth one is a sure go.

“It’s a summer event now,” he said. “It’s like a blockbuster movie, but for free on the network. People have parties and even kids love it. You embrace it as long as you can embrace it. As long as everyone wants to keep coming back and we have fun with it, I think you do it.”

Should movie no. 4 push through, what’s next? Ferrante said he wanted the sharks to go out of the U.S.

“I want to do international,” he said.

“There are still U.S. cities that I want to destroy. But it’s less about the cities, and it’s more about, what are we going to do with Ian and Tara, and what genres do we want to play with?”

Ferrante stresses that the two leads Ian Ziering and Tara Reid would instantly be welcomed for the new installment. “You wouldn’t do ‘Die Hard’ without Bruce Willis.”

Syfy’s “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” also stars new characters portrayed by David Hasselhoff, Bo Derek, Marc Cuban, Ann Coulter, Jerry Springer, and Chris Kirkpatrick from NSync. With so many huge names attached to the cult franchise, are there more celebrities the director want to invite to shoot?

Ferrante laughed and answered Bill Murray.

“Remember when Lorne Michaels begged The Beatles to come on ‘SNL’ in the 1970s and he offered like $10,000? If Bill Murray came to the set, I’d give him a Fig Newton bar because that’s all we have – and maybe a beer – and we’ll have fun.”

It should be remembered that before the death of “Glee” actor Cory Monteith, the last tweet of the actor was about Sharknado.

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