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Shanghai Disneyland: Kids Defecate In Public, Scalpers On The Prowl

Shanghai Disneyland: Kids Defecate In Public, Scalpers On The Prowl
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Shanghai Disneyland: Kids Defecate In Public, Scalpers On The Prowl

Ahead of its official opening mid-June, the management of Shanghai Disneyland had to deal with a mountain-pile of problems. Visitors defecated inside the park, while some scalpers were reported as well.

Reports of visitors defecating inside the Walt Disney theme park surfaced during its soft opening. This, according to a report from Chinese news outlets, has prompted the Chinese government to issue guidelines to parkgoers, the state-run news outlet Xinhua reported.

The park’s soft opening was described as a total mess after incidents of people defecating in public places and vandalism were recorded, the Orlando Weekly reported. Thus, the government saw the need for a guideline issued as a reminder for all Chinese visiting tourist destinations all over the world.

The guideline, which was jointly issued by the civilization office and the tourism bureau of Shanghai, listed six simple rules every parkgoer should abide by when inside a theme park. The guideline, the report added, aimed at maintaining an international image of Shanghai to the whole world.

The eight-point guideline states: garbage should be disposed properly; avoid damaging public properties; avoid damaging flowers and garden fixtures; don’t lay on grass; avoid jumping on queue; and observe overall proper decorum.

It can be recalled that apart from incidents of parents letting their kids defecate in Disneyland Shanghai, similar cases were recorded aboard a flying airplane, as reported by the Mirror. According to the same report, the desperate woman allowed her to child defecate on the plane’s floor as the toilet was too small.

Also, the Daily Mail reported a Chinese woman who allowed her child to defecate outside a Burberry shop in Bicester, UK.

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