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Shana Mangatal: Michael Jackson’s Secret Lover, Facts & Everything To Know About Her

Shana Mangatal: Michael Jackson’s Secret Lover, Facts & Everything To Know About Her
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Shana Mangatal: Michael Jackson’s Secret Lover, Facts & Everything To Know About Her

It has been seven years since the death of pop sensation Michael Jackson and ten years since the accusations of child molestation against him surfaced.

Shana Mangatal, Jackson’s alleged ex lover, has come forward to reveal the truth behind the accusations that tainted the music icon’s career and the secrets of her relationship with him.

Mangatal, author of “Michael and Me: The Untold Story Of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance,” said that Jackson was hugely anguished after learning about the accusations of child molestation against him. Speaking with Radar, Mangatal said that fans of the pop legend actually wanted their children to spend time with Michael.

“His problem was that he couldn’t say no to anybody – especially kids,” she said. “He was just so sweet and kind. He could never say no and when he finally did, parents would become upset.”

Mangatal was Jackson’s manager’s assistant before their relationship sparked, Hollywood Life reports. The duo shared their first kiss filming for the 1996 short film, Ghosts.

“The feel of his soft mouth pressing against mine felt like an old familiar pillow, warm and inviting,” she said. “He gently grabbed the back of my head with one hand and stroked my hair as we continued. He kissed me more passionately than before and I felt shockwaves pulsating all over my body.”

However, his relationship with Debbie Rowe eventually drove him away from Mangatal. At the time, Rowe was pregnant with Jackson’s first child.

Mangatal also revealed that Jackson had other affairs, such as a first date with Madonna herself. Mangatal confessed, “According to him, she came to his condo in nothing but a robe and tried to seduce him. But Madonna’s plan didn’t work. Her aggression turned him off.”

Speaking about the allegations of child molestation, Mantagal said the singer found it hard to believe.

“In the film, he asked the little boy, ‘Son, do I scare you?’ and the little boy says ‘No.’ But then the boy’s father says, ‘Yes, yes you do scare him,” she said. “To me, that was his way of saying it’s the parents who were forcing this kid to say that he did something to him, and that’s what Michael said to me as well. He would always go back to that video in our conversations,” she said.

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