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Donald Trump Malicious And Scandalous Reports Persist

Donald Trump Malicious And Scandalous Reports Persist
Donald Trump and Melania Trump Twitter

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Donald Trump Malicious And Scandalous Reports Persist

Donald Trump is naked and in bondage! These are new images being used for a “manifesto” by two designers from Berlin.

Donald Trump A Sex Slave?

With just a day to go before the New York Fashion Week, it is not a surprise that the pictures of the Republican presidential nominee have been photoshopped, Page Six reports.

The naked photo of Trump features in a 14-page booklet made by fashion line Namilia. Interestingly, publisher Judith Regan, head of the Regan Arts imprint, bought advertising space on the opposite page of the Trump bondage picture.

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Regan has booked a full-page ad for her company’s book “Trump: The Greatest Show on Earth” by Wayne Barrett. Meanwhile, Namilia will showcase its Spring/Summer 2017 collection at Skylight Clarkson Sq at the NYFW on Saturday.

Donald Melania Sex Tape Features A Hispanic Woman?

Donald Trump and Melania’s sex life is always in the spotlight. In fact Donald and Melania’s sex life has been a subject of a hoax back in May. There were rumors that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is all set to release Donald Melania Trump sex tape soon.

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Is there a Donald Melania Tump sex tape or is it someone’s figment of imagination? This rumor reported in a section of the media may or may not be true.

However, rumors like these are likely to heat up the U.S. presidential election with just two more months to go before voting day. The 68-year-old Hillary made an announcement recently that she secretly recorded Donald Trump and his wife Melania in 2006, Now8News reported previously.

Empire News reported in May that Hillary Clinton has the sex tape and will release it if Donald Trump does not drop out of the presidential race. Hillary said that the tape is worth watching.

She reportedly alleged that the Donald Melania sex tape features a goat, a donkey and a hispanic woman, or rather an “illegal hicpanic woman.” The alleged incident happened during the visit of Trump and his then girlfriend Melania to the Clinton home in New York.

“I knew I wanted to be president someday, and Mr. Trump also voiced his desire to take a seat in the White House someday. So Bill and I devised a plan, just in case, I had to run against Trump in a political campaign,” said Hillary.

The former secretary of state admitted to allowing her husband Bill Clinton to “place hidden cameras in the guest room to record the couples’ private moments.” Hillary Clinton says that the reason for releasing the tape just before elections is not because she fears she will lose.

However, she wants to show the public whether he is the man they want as their president. Whether there is any truth about the Donald Melania Trump sex tape is a big question, coming from websites that publishes hoax news.

NAMILIA taking over NYFW SS17 Runway show Sep 10/ 3pm Gallery Skylight at Clarkson Sq #namilia #img @kellycutrone @peoplesrevteam #girlpower #nyfw #ss17

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