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Severe Weather Ruins Mother’s Day In Texas

Severe Weather Ruins Mother’s Day In Texas
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Severe Weather Ruins Mother’s Day In Texas

Severe weather brought by combined hail, snow, flooding, tornadoes and a tropical storm ruined Mother’s Day celebration in Texas, South Dakota and Colorado. Widespread damages were reported in Texas and South Dakota. One person is confirmed dead in Texas. Officials evacuated people in South Dakota while heavy flooding continued in Colorado.

Forty tornadoes were first reported on Saturday. Parts of Colorado, southwest Nebraska, northwest Kansas, central Oklahoma and North Texas were first hit by these tornadoes.

Sunday afternoon saw severe weather and flood hitting most of South Dakota areas up to Texas.

Third killer tornado arrives on Mother’s Day

Severe weather has caused heavy flooding in Texas and numerous tornadoes in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and South Dakota. At about 6 p.m. on Sunday, another tornado was seen four miles in the outskirts of Kaufman, Texas and about 35 miles southeast of Dallas, The Weather Channel reported.

One fatality was reported south of Cisco in Eastland County, Texas when an EF3 tornado hit a home on Saturday.

“The tornado near Cisco is the third killer tornado of 2015 in the U.S., and it brought the year’s fourth tornado death. By comparison, at this time last year we’d had eight killer tornadoes resulting in 35 deaths,” senior digital meteorologist Nick Wiltgen was quoted as saying by The Weather Channel.

One baby, 4 adults rescued

Four adults, including one baby, were rescued by the U.S. National Guard helicopter in Krum, CBS DFW reported. A helicopter rescue was needed as Krum was bombarded by flood waters and rescue operations using fire trucks were impossible.

The American Red Cross has set up an evacuation center at Denia Recreation Center, 1001 Parvin Street, Denton, Texas. The place welcomes all people affected by the severe weather.

Delmont power outage

The tornado that hit Delmont at about 10:45 a.m. caused power outage and disrupted telephone service in the area. Officials continue to rescue and evacuate affected residents. The town was left with heavy damage. The city’s new fire hall and a Lutheran Church bears the brunt of the tornado with one resident saying that half the town was taken away.

Kristie Turman, director of communications for the South Dakota Department of Public Safety said there were about 12 people injured and 20 buildings wrecked. Authorities continue to safeguard a couple of propane tanks, The Weather Channel said in its report.

Eye witnesses’ testimony of the severe weather in Delmont

“…we were right in the middle of it. You can see I still have a house, but the attached garage is gone and the windows are broken out. It’s not good.” Delmont resident Todd Gross told The Daily Republic.

Gross said the he heard as the tornado hit the town.

“It went really fast. It was over within 15 to 30 seconds,” Gross said.

“That was the first tornado I’ve ever been associated with and I don’t want to be with one ever again. It was scary. We’ve got quite a cleanup.”

Another Delmont resident, Scott Redd, said the aftermath of the tornado was hard to look at.

“It’s a mess. We can see the path of where it went,” Redd said.

Another Delmont resident, Scott Peters, recounted his experience being just within 10 feet of the tornado.

“I was right by it. It went right past my window and there was all sorts of debris wrapped up in it. I’m lucky to be here and be standing here right now. That’s good enough for me,” Peters said.


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