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Severe Weather News Round Up: Tornado Kills 5, Threat Continues Until Friday

Severe Weather News Round Up: Tornado Kills 5, Threat Continues Until Friday
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Severe Weather News Round Up: Tornado Kills 5, Threat Continues Until Friday

Severe thunderstorms damaging southern Texas across lower Mississippi, Tennessee and Ohio Valleys are expected to reach the southern Great Lakes, The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center said. The thunderstorms bring damaging winds and large hails, with a couple of tornadoes possible across southern Great lakes, NSW predicted.

A tornado watch has already been issued for several states as severe weather is expected to continue until Friday. An estimated 33 million people face the threat, with tornadoes in Texas and Arkansas already killing five people.

In Nashville, a young couple died protecting their 18-month-old daughter from harm.

EF2 tornado with winds of 125+mph

The damage seen in Howard County signified that an EF2 tornado with winds of 125+mph pounded Nashville, Arkansas, an NSW survey team told KSLA News. Another NSW survey team found two EF-0 tornadoes has brought damage in north and south of Lodi, Texas. The tornadoes touched down in several parts of Marion and Cass Counties at 11:25 p.m. 6 miles northeast of Jefferson and ended around 11:27 p.m. The second set of tornadoes touched down about 8 miles northeast of Jefferson and ended 10 miles southeast of Linden, KSLA News said in its report.

Tornado killed couple while protecting their baby

At least five people were killed by tornadoes in Texas and Arkansas. Among these people was a young couple, Michael and Melissa Mooneyhan, who tried to shelter their daughter from harm.

Howard County Coroner John Gray said the couple’s trailer flipped over and exploded. Inside, Michael and Melissa were protecting their 18-month-old daughter with their embrace.

“It’s a miracle that little girl survived,” Gray told The Associated Press.

“That poor little girl is never going to know them. But she’s young enough that she’ll never remember what happened,” Gray said.

The baby was taken to the hospital while waiting for other relatives to come fetch her.

In Van, firefighters recovered the body of a driver who tried to get help as his truck was stuck in a creek, The Associated Press reported.

In Granbury, a 40-foot-wide sinkhole swallowed the parking lot of a local grocery store 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth. The sinkhole damaged water and sewer lines underneath the parking lot.

A tornado in Lake City, Iowa tore the roof of a high school. There were about 150 students together with families and teachers who were attending an awards ceremony when the tornado hit the school.

Severe thunderstorm threat lingers until weekend

Tornado watch has already been issued in several states as threats of severe thunderstorms are expected to continue until weekend, The Weather Channel reported.

Scattered severe thunderstorms are expected Tuesday in Deep South Texas, stretching east into the Lower Mississippi Valley, eastern North Carolina and southeast Virginia. The thunderstorms bring large hail, brief damaging winds to the cities of Corpus Christi, New Orleans.

On Wednesday until the weekend, numerous thunderstorms are expected to hit parts of the southern and central Plains. An outbreak of severe thunderstorms may happen in the Plains by Saturday with additional severe storms on Sunday from the Mississippi Valley to Texas.


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