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Several Small Earthquakes Occur Along California-Mexico Border

Several Small Earthquakes Occur Along California-Mexico Border
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Several Small Earthquakes Occur Along California-Mexico Border

Dozens of earthquakes struck the Imperial Valley in South California on New Year’s Eve.

A “swarm” of earthquakes occurred near the California-Mexico border on Sunday. The first of these quakes, measuring 1.1, struck in the early morning hours.

The largest earthquake measured 3.9.

No damage or injuries reported in earthquake.

As reported by CBS News, the series of earthquakes started on Saturday afternoon near the city of Brawley. The city is located about 125 miles east of San Diego. The earthquakes continued to rattle the area throughout New Year’s day weekend.

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No damage or injuries have been reported as a result of the earthquakes.

In 2012, the same area experienced a swarm of earthquakes. The strongest reached a magnitude of 5.4.

As noted by CNN, while weak earthquakes can potentially cause stronger tremors, Brawley – a city with a population of 25,000 – is located far enough from the San Andreas Fault to bring about a devastating catastrophe.

Earthquakes measuring 3.9 (the largest in Saturday’s episode) or less lead to little or no damage.

“This area may have produced the most earthquakes in the entire state of California.”

In the last year, the state has experienced more than 7,000 earthquakes. The largest of these, measuring 6.5, struck in Ferndale.

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“This area may have produced the most earthquakes in the entire state of California, but they are small,” Caltech seismologist Lucy Jones said. “If they happened a mile away we would be concerned, but these quakes are about 30 miles from the San Andreas Fault.”

Cal Tech said the area has been known for geothermal activity and frequent earthquake swarms. As reported by ABC 7, Jones said a “swarm” of earthquakes that occurred in the area in 2012 were stronger than Saturday’s.

According to the Geological Survey, the southern San Andreas Fault experiences potentially catastrophic earthquakes once every 150 years. The statistic was made after evaluating studies from the past 1,400 years. In 1857, a much more dangerous earthquake along the fault struck Southern California.

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