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Several Injured In Mexico City Train Collision

Several Injured In Mexico City Train Collision
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Several Injured In Mexico City Train Collision

On Monday, 12 people were injured when two metro trains crashed in the capital city of Mexico.

The accident occurred at the Oceania station on Line 5 of the Mexico City Metro.

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera announced on Twitter, “MetroCDMX [Mexico City Metro] informs of a collision of two trains at Oceania metro station, emergency teams working on site.”

Mexico City Fire Chief Raúl Esquivel told CNN affiliate FOROtv, “There are injuries, but we do not have people who lost their lives.”

He added that 40 firefighters had arrived at the scene, as reported by Yahoo News.

Emergency workers were at the scene of the accident, according to security officials. FOROtv tweeted the picture of the condition of the trains after the collision. The two rails had rammed into one another. One of them was off the tracks.

Metro’s official twitter account said that although 12 people sustained injuries, none of them were critically wounded. Three people had been taken to hospitals for treatment.

The Mexico City Metro, officially known as Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metro, with its 12 lines, has the largest metro network after the New York City Subway in North America. Around 20 million people use the metro services for getting around the city.

The Oceania station, where the accident occurred, connects the yellow and grey lines. According to CNN Mexico, it is heavily trafficked.

Patricia Rosas, 61, who runs a snack stall across the street, said there was a hail storm outside when the accident occurred. She said her stand shook by the impact.

“It was shocking, bigger than thunder,” she said. “People were really nervous.”


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