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Seven Guardians’ Tips And Tricks: How To Rank Up Heroes, Maximize Overall Stats

Seven Guardians’ Tips And Tricks: How To Rank Up Heroes, Maximize Overall Stats
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Seven Guardians’ Tips And Tricks: How To Rank Up Heroes, Maximize Overall Stats

Four Thirty Three’s Seven Guardians is the newest entry to the defense genre in mobile gaming. Featuring exciting gameplay as well as amazing art, build up your army to reclaim the lost world of the gods.

With seven heroes to choose from, battle mobs as well as other players in different game modes. Collect items and upgrade your units to become more powerful.

But before you dive into the 2D side-scrolling mayhem that is Seven Guardians, here are a few tricks that will give you the edge. Heavy has compiled 10 great tips and cheats that players need to know.

Obtain Powerful Heroes In Sanctuary Mode

Grind through Sanctuary Mode and unlock new chapters. Defeat each temple’s protector to add them to you alliance.

Maximize The Potential Of Your Protector And Units With Mana Potions

When you’re caught in a pinch, turn the tide with mana potions. This will restore you Protector’s energy and allow you to summon more units to join the fight.

Rank Up Your Heroes

There’s no limit to how powerful you hero can get. If you have maxed out your hero’s rank, sacrifice you lower ranked heroes to upgrade them to the next rank.

Equip Matching Gear To Maximize Your Hero’s Power

Equip items as you battle the progressively tougher levels of the game. Also make sure that upgrade materials are of the same rank for a 100 percent chance at success.

Tanks: The Tip Of The Spear

Tanks are the Vanguard of your army they are the basis of survival in the game. If your tank gets destroyed, you lose. So utilize a variety of different tanks to take down each level with unique attacks and abilities.

Re-play Cleared Stages For More Rewards

After you’ve cleared a stage, clear it again and again to get ingredients to upgrade your hero. Clear it three times and you’ll even get a diamond.

Battle The Boss

After clearing the 10th stage, battle the boss in the World Boss menu. Deal as much damage as humanly possible to get a high rank. The higher the rank the more diamonds you’ll receive as reward.

Join A Guild And Gain Guild Buffs And Benefits

Level up your hero faster by joining a guild. Join your guildmates for boss raids to get even more rewards.

Hoard The Honor Points

Get Honor Points by participating in Stronghold Battles and leveling. Use these points to acquire Hero shards and Materials.

Free Daily Hero Summon

The best things in life are free and that goes for Seven Guardians as well. Take advantage of free daily hero summon for additional reinforcements.

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