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Sepio Product Offers The Resurrection Of Analog Pictures Via Smartphones

Sepio Product Offers The Resurrection Of Analog Pictures Via Smartphones
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Sepio Product Offers The Resurrection Of Analog Pictures Via Smartphones

Another start up company is attempting to join the foray with its photo digitizing app. For some time now, a lot of companies have attempted to find the perfect solution to digitizing old analog pictures, in order to preserve it in a way that it will last longer than the paper photographs.

And for a long time it was a struggle, but this Vancouver based company claims that it has finally found the solution. The start up mentioned is Sepio, which has just had an initial launching at TED Vancouver via gift bag online invites.

The event has managed to send invites to 3,000 early users, HBC Press reports. The company’s co-founder Ali Kashani noted that he got the company started in 2013 during which he himself was a participant in a TED conference.

Kashani said that he was thinking about his next start-up when he realized that he wanted it to be something that matters when he stands in front of that crowd. The Sepio co-founder said that the initial idea for the start up was first presented by a mentor in the Valley that they really respect. According to Kashani, the said mentor mentioned it because he has a lot of old photos.

That, according to him, was part of the appeal of the start up. From there it was easy enough to present as it is something that everyone can relate to. Even if one is already at least ten years old, it could be safe to say that there are still analog photos of them taken somewhere in another family or friend’s album.

The photo app was demoed live by Kashani who showed the participants how he could snap a picture of an old tiny passport picture still underneath the plastic using his mobile device. Then had the photo blown up online and even turned it back into a print version on a sizeable wall art. All this were achieved without the usual problems of the glare or fuzziness that is usually expected on that type of process.

According to Beta Kit, currently there are already apps that lets a user scan their photos instantly just by using their phones. Those, however, are advertised by its makers through user adaptability, social sharing capability and speed. This is where Sepio’s app is different as it is advertised through its quality.

Co-founder Steve Jones claims that it is the only app in town that comes with high-quality results. And they have performed blind tests to prove it. The tests involve them having users choose between the photos its apps has digitized compared to those that are scanned and those that are done through the use of its competitor apps. The test results showed that 70 percent of the users have chosen the pictures that has undergone through its app than the other options.

Both of the Sepio founders see a high demand for their app. Jones said that Historically, the solution for the analog photo digitization was the scanner which didn’t work out that good, besides not all people have the luxury of a printer.

“It’s quite labor intensive and you can also risk damaging the photo during scanning. Jones added that another way was to mail off family photos to get scanned however this is not a feasible solution as a few people only really trusts their postal service to take care of their precious photos. Having their Sepio product is the easier and more comfortable option “and for the 3.5 trillion print photos from the 180 years before the digital era, this is the solution.”

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