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Sen Bernie Sanders Gaining Momentum But Unlikely To Outwin Hillary Clinton In Nomination

Sen Bernie Sanders Gaining Momentum But Unlikely To Outwin Hillary Clinton In Nomination
Senator Sanders says maybe he’ll run for President John Pemble / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


Sen Bernie Sanders Gaining Momentum But Unlikely To Outwin Hillary Clinton In Nomination

Senator Bernie Sanders’ bid to win the White House under the Democrat Party is gaining momentum in his campaign, according to the news, and has caused worries among the staff of fellow Democrat contender, Hillary Clinton.

Although the Senator from Vermont is not yet a serious threat to Clinton, his popularity in the polls and impressive event turnouts are enough to set off the alarm. In a report from New York Times, Clinton’s aides expressed worries that Sander may not only surpass Clinton in the polls, but he may actually win in the Iowa polls.

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Sanders has been consistent in drawing out large crowd in his campaign. Earlier in June, Sanders drew 10,000 supporters in Madison, Wisconsin, where his concluding lines as quoted by NBC News caused a deafening applause:

“At the end of the day, they may have the money, but we have the people. And when the people stand together, we can do anything,” Sanders quipped, referring to an earlier news that Clinton has gathered $45 million.

Wisconsin was followed by 7,500-crowd in Portland, Maine and Sanders responded on how he has become such a magnet among voters.

“The answer, I think, is pretty obvious. From Maine to California… the American people understand that establishment politics and establishment economics are not working for the middle class,” Sanders said, beaming.

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In a report from Business Insider however, Sanders’ presidential race, as observed by political analysts and strategists, is more similar to former Governor of Vermont and a Democrat Howard Dean in 2004, than in President Barack Obama in 2008.

The similarity is apparent when it comes to intensity and fan base, especially in New Hampshire where many progressive voters support uncertain contenders, news said.

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Though Sanders may be fragrant particularly among the white voters, his stance on certain sensitive topics, like gun control and immigration reform, did not hit the bull’s eye than did Clinton who is more liberal. Among the African-American population, Clinton is more likely to earn the black’s votes, which range from 70 to 80 percent, Business Insider reports.

Analysts say Sanders is more likely to win in Iowa and New Hampshire, the states having the largest population of liberal voters.

“Sanders is certainly doing a lot better in Iowa and New Hampshire where voters are playing close attention than he is anywhere else,” Public Policy Polling Director Tom Jensen was quoted by Business Insider.

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