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Self-Driving Apple Car To Come With Latest Head-Up Display Technology?

Self-Driving Apple Car To Come With Latest Head-Up Display Technology?
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Self-Driving Apple Car To Come With Latest Head-Up Display Technology?

Apple and technology go hand-in-hand. The company decides to enter a new domain, and not coming up with an extraordinary idea is an impossibility.

Apple is not commenting on anything yet, but the documentation of correspondence between GoMentum Station and Apple obtained by The Guardian has confirmed that the company is testing its very own self-driving car.

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It’s not just any self-driving car, but rumors say that the car will come out with a whopping 27 to 50-inch head-up display. With regards to the display a tech analyst at Global Equities Research said that this technology is used by fighter jet pilots as it projects information and vivid icons on the screen making it easier for the drivers at work.

HUD is a technology that the industry already considers to be the next big thing, so the rumors of a brand like Apple working on it cannot be rubbish. Almost all of the leading automobile companies are working on this technology – BMW, Volvo and Hyundai. Jaguar Land Rover has also announced that the company is working on a technology that would deliver directions on the windscreen.

Apple remains unavailable for comment. May it be the news of the self-driving car or adopting latest technologies for it, the brand is far away from confirming it. But yes, if Apple isn’t commenting on it then the work is definitely in progress, and chances are the company will go one step further with the already spoken-about technology.

On the other side, if Trip Chowdhry says that the glass and display technology is for different types of devices like television, not for cars, trying to prove that Apple working on a self-driving car is not a trustworthy news. But only time will tell!

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