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Selena Gomez New Album Release Date: Singer Confirms ‘Album #2’

Selena Gomez New Album Release Date: Singer Confirms ‘Album #2’
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Selena Gomez New Album Release Date: Singer Confirms ‘Album #2’

Selena Gomez hinted that she will have her new album in the offing but there is still no confirmation on its possible release date.

The 23-year-old “Come & Get It” singer posted a group photo in her Instagram account, with the caption, “After a few weeks in the studio bus safe to say.. we are VERY close to album #2 #SG2.”

The former Disney actress and singer, who just released her “Revival” album last year, is speculated to be up for a second album, as she said in Twitter that it is “very close” on getting things done.

But Hollywood Life noted that there’s something mysterious about Selena Gomez’s cryptic post on her new album and its release date.

Selena Gomez said it is her second album when in fact it should be her third. The “I Want You To Know” singer first released her “Stars Dance” album in 2013, and then followed by her “Revival” in 2015.

Despite no confirmation on Selena Gomez’s new album release date for 2016, fans are hoping that she can do music with her squad member Taylor Swift.

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez, is having a  colorful “Revival” tour this year.

She has suffered her first fall in the stage just recently. Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend was performing “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” in Tulsa, Oklahoma when she stumbled and fell, Teen Vogue said in a report.

In an Instagram account of a fan, Selena Gomez was captured in a video where she was seen standing up from a fall during her hyped performance.

“Aww she laughed it off  “”First fall on the whole damn tour. Can you believe it?” #RevivalTourTulsa,” the caption read.

Moreover, in a previous Miami concert, Selena Gomez devoted a Hillsong worship song for her late friend Christina Grimmie who was shot dead by a fan in Orlando.

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