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Secrets Revealed In ‘Quantico’ Episode ‘Kill’

Secrets Revealed In ‘Quantico’ Episode ‘Kill’
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Secrets Revealed In ‘Quantico’ Episode ‘Kill’

“Quantico” is a story portrayed in flashbacks and flashforwards. There is still a gap between reality and past

The latest episode of “Quantico” was aired last night. The story hovering from one event to another in the previous episodes seems to have concentrated on painting characters this time.

“Quantico” is a story portrayed in flashbacks and flashforwards. There is still a gap between reality and past. The question that still remains is how the FBI team became a part of the attack that made Alex suspected guilty. “Kill” could not answer all questions but could actually fill up some gap.

The episode once again made it clear that all trainees in the Quantico hate each other and Alex feels alone as she cannot talk to anyone regarding her father’s demise. Since she got her father’s FBI file, she is feeling heavy for killing a hero.

The scene shows the trainees going for a hostage training at Hogan’s Alley, a fake town of the FBI. Alex excels in showing her skills, though many could not take it in good spirit. However, she is distant from the other trainees and that seems to have annoyed Shelby. She tries to talk to Alex, but it seems she is not interested.

Agent Booth wants Alex to leave the academy following a command from Liam. But it is difficult as she is performing well. They need to push her so that she can leave the academy. After her performance went poor in the second hostage training, Liam got a chance.

On the other hand, Ryan told Miranda he was spying for Liam. Miranda called Alex and told her that her father did not have a good reputation and he was always bad to her mother. She wants Alex to know that she shall not feel guilty.

The episode “Kill” showed a lot of roommate chemistry. While Ryan and Simon departs, Alex and Shelby make up after Alex apologizes to her. It’s always mysterious as none of the characters revealtheir true colors.

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