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Secret Service Asks For More Money In The Budget To Protect Trump

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Secret Service Asks For More Money In The Budget To Protect Trump

For the U.S. Secret Service, protecting the new first family does not come cheap. In fact, the agency has recently asked for an additional budget as it deals with security arrangements of the entire family of President Donald Trump.

The Secret Service had recently requested for as much as $60 million in additional funding for next year. This is in due to rising costs of travel and protection for Trump and his family.

Nearly half of the requested additional funding would go into protecting Trump’s private home. According to a report from The Washington Post, $26.8 million would go to protecting the Trump Tower in New York.

Additional funding requested to protect Trump Tower.

Today, the Secret Service is facing a rather odd arrangement after first lady Melania Trump chose to remain in the Trump Tower with their son Barron. The request stated that the $26.8 million is meant for “residence security operations at the president’s private residence in Trump Tower.” Meanwhile, around $12.5 million is intended for “personnel related costs in New York.”

Secret Service spending constantly for Trump family business trips.

According to a previous report by NBC News, the Secret Service has picked up huge tabs in recent months due to travels by Trump’s children. In early January, $97,830 was spent during Eric Trump’s business trip to Uruguay. Meanwhile, the Secret Service also spent $4,162.02 for rental vehicles when he visited the Dominican Republic on January 29.

The following month, the Secret Service had spent $16,738.36 for Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump’s business trip to Dubai. Later in February, the agency picked up another tab amounting to $53,155.25. This is for Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Tiffany Trump’s business trip to Vancouver. At the same time, Morning News USA reported that the Secret Service issued a purchase order for $12,208.25. It was for “lease or rental of equipment – clothing, individual equipment and insignia.” The Trump children recently took a ski vacation in Aspen with their families.

Meanwhile, around $33 million has been earmarked travel costs for the “the president, vice president and other visiting heads of state.” For fiscal 2017, the “operations and support” protection budget amounted to $734 million. This is said to be for the protection of individuals and foreign heads of state.

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