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Secret Anonymous Sharing App Now Available on Android

Secret Anonymous Sharing App Now Available on Android


Secret Anonymous Sharing App Now Available on Android

Secret Anonymous Sharing App Now Available on AndroidSecret, the app that allows users to share their secrets anonymously, is now available on Android and is now downloadable and usable by anyone in the world. Originally, Secret was only available for iOS users in the US.

“The idea behind Secret came from a desire to send an anonymous love letter. The experience of sending and receiving the note was both magical and exciting. It helped us realize that many of our most important thoughts start quietly — the moment we realize we’re in love; our first interview for a new job; the dream we have to travel. While people share an incredible amount online, these thoughts and ideas have not had a home on popular social networks, and we wanted to change that by creating Secret.”

Secret on Android will come with a new feature exclusively for that version of the app – dual activity streams, “Friends” and “Explore”. The Friends stream will display secrets from people in the user’s contact list with the phone hiding which secret is from which friend to retain anonymity.

On the other hand, the Explore stream will display the most popular posts among the users nearby and even around the world. According to the company, while the new dual streams are exclusive to the Android app for now, the company does plan to eventually bring the features to iOS.

The release of the Android app has also brought with it new features for both Android and iOS app users. One of the new features include sporadic questions that users can answer and share with their friends. Users will  also now be able to see how many of their friends are also using Secret although the users are still kept anonymous.

Users anywhere in the world can now download the app on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS.

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