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Seattle Drowning: Five Year Old Girl Found Unconscious In Pool

Seattle Drowning: Five Year Old Girl Found Unconscious In Pool
Image from Seattle Children’s Org.


Seattle Drowning: Five Year Old Girl Found Unconscious In Pool

In what can only be described as a parent’s worst nightmare, a Seattle drowning involving a five year old girl happened on Sunday. She was found in the deep end of a pool, and was recently rushed to the hospital after being found. The firefighters who saved her stated that she might have been drowning for five full minutes, which is incredibly worrisome.

According to Komo News, the girl was found at 8:25 pm on the deep end of the swimming pool and was found by her parents. By the time the aforementioned firefighters arrived, the parents had already performed CPR and managed to get her to spit up water. She later started getting a pulse, even managed to breathe, but was still unconscious, hence the hospital transfer.

While she has started breathing, her unresponsiveness was a cause for concern, which is why she’s being brought to a children’s hospital. Her current condition is still unknown as of this writing, even after arriving at the hospital. This might be a wakeup call for parents to be more attentive to their children’s poolside antics.

This unfortunate Seattle drowning isn’t the first time a child has been in critical condition after wandering off in a swimming pool. SNICC stated that there are 7,000 unintentional drowning accidents every year, causing injuries or death to five year old children or younger. More than 80% of the drownings occur in residential pools like this one, which is a definite cause for concern.

According to the Herald Net, parents should be more attentive to their children in swimming pools, especially if they’re still young. Aside from death, children might also have permanent disabilities after drownings like these, so parents need to be extra careful. Stay tuned for more updates on similar incidents, as well as the condition of the five year old girl.

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