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Season 2 Of Rick And Morty Comes With Instagram Game

Season 2 Of Rick And Morty Comes With Instagram Game
Rick and Morty creator, Dan Harmon. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc


Season 2 Of Rick And Morty Comes With Instagram Game

If you’re still not into “Rick and Morty,” now is definitely a good time to binge-watch this super hilarious animated series.

Of creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon

Those new to the show will be reminded of “Back to the Future,” with Rick and his grandson Morty traveling through time and space encountering one misadventure after another. It’s also amazing to note that creator Justin Roiland voices both characters who sound so different from each other. Then there’s also co-creator Dan Harmon, responsible for the recently concluded “Community.”

Sunday night sees season 2 premiere on Adult Swim. “Rick and Morty’s” first season debuted on December 2013 with only 11 episodes, the last of which ended with time freezing over – the second season continues a few months after that.

Harmon talked with The Hollywood Reporter and revealed that this new season will be more chaotic. “I think it’s the good kind of chaos. The universe gets bigger, the characters gets more dimensionalized and overall there are way better episodes than the best episodes of season one, side by side with maybe worse episodes than your least favorite from season one.”

Rick and Morty Instagram game

The folks at Adult Swim were able to come up with something fun on Instagram called Rick and Morty Rickstaverse, a point-and-click hidden-object game.

Instructions are simple. Players need to click on photos and their respective tags to be taken to a new area (or a new picture, if you want it to call it that). If the player is lucky, he or she would earn secrets and other collectibles related to the “Rick and Morty” universe.

Those interested to play can go read the instructions on this Instagram account.

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